Cleve Hill Solar Park


Cleve Hill Solar Park Ltd is a joint venture between Wirsol Energy Ltd and Hive Energy Ltd.

We are proposing to develop the Cleve Hill Solar Park on the north Kent coast. The project could have a generating capacity exceeding 350MW. This would be enough to power approximately 110,000 homes a year, roughly the equivalent number of households for the Swale and Canterbury Districts combined.

The land will continue to provide space for key bird species as well as enhancing biodiversity through land management practices. There is also the potential for an energy storage solution to be incorporated on site, which would store excess solar power for when we next need it.

The proposed development site is on an area of approximately 890 acres (360 hectares) of agricultural land mostly classified as Grade 3b (moderate/poor). The site is located on the north Kent coast, roughly 1 mile northeast of Faversham and 3 miles west of Whitstable and situated closest to the village of Graveney, ME13 9EE.

Our ambition is to deliver a scheme that helps to address national and local objectives, whilst supporting the neighbouring community.

More information about the proposals and details of the consultation events can be found on the project website: